I’m having one of those weeks where nothing seems like it’s going to plan. Work has been busy and more importantly, draining, and I haven’t had the ‘me time’ I had hoped for. It looks as though many of my crafty Valentine’s/birthday plans have fallen by the wayside as I haven’t had time to plan or execute any of them.

I always find it disappointing when things like this happen, but I guess it’s a part of life; learning things don’t always go to plan – and that’s ok. Rather than try and rush around to get every little thing accomplished, I’ve decided to take a deep breath and let it be. I’ll spend time with my family and friends and enjoy being present. I’ll do what I need to and what I can, and not worry about the rest. I will take a deep breath and let it be ok.

And I will start by lighting a candle…


… and having a glass of my favorite wine.

Here’s to letting it be!