Back in March, I was fortunate to be sent to Adelaide, South Australia for a work conference. I was excited to be visiting South Australia for the first time and also marking another capital city off of my list {Hobart and Darwin still remain}. In my early days of being in Australia, I heard people – mainly students- speaking poorly of Adelaide. They said it was boring and that there was nothing there. I blindingly believed them, until I visited myself.

Adelaide, from what I saw, was beautiful. It was clean and green, with old buildings and gorgeous architecture marking the city from all sides. It has ‘big city’ benefits – interesting cafes and bustling shops – while refraining from feeling overwhelming and frantic. Adelaide city is home to a little over a million people. This trip was especially fun because I was able to travel with a good friend and colleague, and we made a new friend while attending the conference. Together, the three of us explored the city {Ok, we got lost and wandered the city for an hour on the first day. But after that, we intentionally explored}, enjoyed meals, and did some shopping. Everything is more fun with friends.

My stay was brief and didn’t include many things I’d still like to do in Adelaide, like visiting the Zoo, the beach, and going on a wine tour {although our conference did take place at the National Wine Centre of Australia, so of course I brought a couple bottles home!} What I did get to see, however, was enjoyable and certainly worth a trip if you ever have the chance. Here were some of the things that caught my eye.


.: Wine barrels lining the wall over a history of wine timeline at the National Wine Centre :.


.: Piggy trash bins in the city :.


.: Haigh’s Chocolates: a must-try:.


.: Wine with an Italian dinner at Rigoni’s on Leigh Street} :.


.: Her Majesty’s Theatre, a gorgeous building :.


.: Hotel Metropolitan, right across from the theatre :.


.: Clever and creative info sharing outside of Adelaide Central Market :.


.: Fresh produce :.


.: Vibrant jewelry and accessories :.


.: An array of spices :.