Although he claims to “not like sweet things”, Andrew loves brownies. They are almost always his request on special occassions or when I’m in the mood to bake. Needless to say, I have tried a lot of brownie recipes and although they always turn out ok, I couldn’t find exactly what we were looking for. And then I found this recipe. It is so easy and creates moist, fudgey brownies that pair really well with ice cream and other delicious toppings.

For Andrew’s birthday, I decided to make the brownies in individual servings, and serve them with one of our favorite ice creams, Connoisseur Cookies & Cream.  Then I decided to get a little decadent and an Oreo cream cheese icing.

My only complaint about how these turned out would be the wonky job I did decorating them. I received a very cool cookie press/icing contraption as a gift in a Secret Santa this past Christmas and this was my first time trying it out (obviously I could use a little more practice!) Other than aesthetics, these were to-die-for. I even had to make sure we sent some leftovers home with friends so we didn’t eat them all on our own!

The brownies, icing and ice cream together are out of this world, and so indulgent, it feels sinful. But worth it. So, so worth it.