Because February is so full in terms of celebrations, Andrew and I don’t usually get each other a Valentine’s Day present. He does get me flowers {which I love; I don’t care if it’s cliché – fresh flowers are one of my favorite things! } but we usually just exchange cards and have a yummy dinner {this year we ordered Thai food}.

Because I wasn’t getting him a Valentine’s gift, I wanted to put extra love into making a unique card this year. Andrew loves a good {or bad} pun, and for some reason the idea of a “you ‘suit’ me” card popped into my head. I don’t think all men do or should appreciate a card with a suit and tie on it, but I knew AW would. I had all sorts of ideas about how I would fashion a tie from construction paper, and at the last minute, ended up getting a real tie from the Salvation Army thrift store when I saw the perfect one with sheep/rams/something similar on it.

Making this card was a bit of a learning experience for me {watching youtube videos on how to tie a tie, repeatedly burning myself with hot glue, etc}, but I was really pleased with how it turned out. I took pictures so I could make a tutorial, but they weren’t as comprehensive as I’d hoped, so tutorial to come in the future when I make another one.

I think this is a really sweet way to tell that businessperson in your life that you dig them. Andrew really loved it.