Yesterday I had an amazing day. We woke up to promising news via email {I’ll elaborate at a later point} and then I really pushed myself while working out and felt like a million bucks afterward. I received good news on the work-front and it was as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Even though it was a rainy and all-around depressing day weather-wise, I held on to a sunny disposition that stayed with me until it was time for bed.

Yesterday was one of those days where I really felt like nothing could bring me down; the kind of day I wish I could bottle up and keep in my pocket and bring out when things aren’t as wonderful. I was so on top of the world, a stranger on the phone at work told me she loved my accent and that I had such a sweet voice. She said I had ‘picked up’ her day, which I like to think of as a form of paying it forward.

I find when I’m in a good mood, it does help ‘lift up’ the people around me, and unfortunately my bad moods have the inverse effect. The past couple of months have been exhausting, and to see things turn around is truly a blessing {I’m sure for me and for those around me!} I guess it’s that feeling, when you’ve been a slump and you finally emerge in sequins and bows, singing “I’m baaaaaack!”

I’m feeling rejuvenated, energetic, and so, so grateful for each and every aspect of life right now. It’s good to be back.