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When the subject of Darla comes up these days {as it always does, she is awesome}, the first question I’m asked is, ‘What are you going to do with her when you move?’ My close friends ask this; people at the dog park ask this; it is the question to ask. Except it’s not. Because, duh, we’re bringing her with us.

I will admit it wasn’t exactly an immediate decision to take her to America. While my and AW’s instinct were to bring her along, she’s dealt with a lot of trauma in her life and a move of this magnitude requires at least some consideration. I think in Andrew’s mind she was always going to move with us, which is reason 576,289,034 I love him.

But to me, it was only fair to consider the options: leave in her Australia and find a loving home for her, which will also require her to start over; or bring her to the US, with a couple of days of what is sure to be a terrifying sort of dog hell for her, but an end result that leaves the three of us together as a family {yep, I’m one of those people}.

I like to think we weighed the options, but we certainly weren’t objective about it. I have talked to a number of other dog people who have affirmed our decision to bring her with us. I’m her person, Andrew is her plaything, and it genuinely feels like a separation would break all of our hearts.

To see a dog have come as far as Darla has is truly amazing. She’s still skittish around strangers and winces at loud noises and has a lot of other weird quirks you may not usually see in a three year old dog. But other times she’s just so normal. She will chase a ball until she literally collapses, she happily runs in circles when she realizes it’s mealtime, and she’s constantly seeking affection and attention. The best part of all is that she’s happy. People often tell me how well she’s doing when we’re at the dog park, and many are even surprised she’s a rescue. ‘She seems to be very happy now’, they say. And I think she is.

She is going to love chasing the birds and the squirrels in the US, and she’s going to love being able to stay with the family she knows. It may take a couple of days to recuperate from the travel, but I have faith that she will bounce back, strong as ever.

I’ll be sure to update you again on Darla’s progress once we’re settling in to Raleigh. We’re using a pet transport company who will take care of her during the trip. It’s ridiculously expensive, but she’s worth it. As AW often says fondly, I love that damn dog.