If you’re a regular reader, you’ve probably given up on blue skies & she as I’ve been lazy for about a month a half. I’m sorry.

I have no great excuses, apart from it’s cold and I can’t type in gloves {that’s a good one, right?!}. But I am not giving up, and you shouldn’t either!

Today is the first ‘week day’ since I’ve finished my job. As you know, we’re moving in a couple of weeks and it’s go time in terms of getting our lives sorted, packed up and on a plane! Things have been… {wonderful, crazy, surreal, busy – you can really use your creative powers to fill in the blank here} because as I’ve been telling people, I’m feeling ALL THE FEELINGS. I’m delighted, excited, apprenhensive, nervous, nostalgic. There’s really a lot going on.

So I hope you will forgive me for my absence, but I guarantee I’m coming back. I plan to keep you posted on the packing up process, and most importantly on the settling in/living with my parents/general chaos that will ensue over the next couple of months.

See you soon!