I admit it’s easy to get caught up in my daily routine, weaving in and out of each day and then the next, without a thought as to how this routine-ness can impact my relationships. I realized with AW, we go through our daily lives together, share our ups and downs, but sometimes forget to make each other feel special.  I realized I could make more of an effort to let him know I’m thinking of him; to let him know that life is busy but I don’t want to take what we have for granted and that I’m glad – on the busy days and the lazy ones – that we’re side by side.

I need to be better about doing this all year through, and not just in times of celebration. That being said, we just celebrated the anniversary of when we met, so I decided to do something small and thoughtful in the days surrounding our anniversary. They were simple ideas that really just said “I’m thinking of you”, and they were completely unexpected, which is the best part. I’ve mentioned before that Andrew loves a pun, so I decided to make a few plays-on-words, incorporating an inside joke, and then just coming up with the rest as I thought of them.

Although simple and inexpensive, I found these little things were a welcome change to our daily routine, and a unique way to tell someone they’re on your mind.